Four Anacapans Awarded Grants in FQXi Large Grant Competition

Four Anacapa Society members --- Ian Durham of St. Anselm College, Donald Spector of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Alexander Wilce of Susquehanna University, and William Wootters of Williams College --- have been awarded grants by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi).

In this year's grant competition, FQXi's fourth, FQXi sought proposals addressing foundational questions in the physics of information. The four proposals funded represent a broad variety of approaches to the whole question of how theoretical physics and the theory of information can shed light on each other. With four of FQXi's 37 grants going to Anacapa members, the outcome represents a very strong showing for the Anacapa Society.

The funded research projects (follow the links for details on these projects and these Anacapa members) are:

Information and Interaction -- Ian Durham and Dean Rickles.

Set Theoretic Forcing and Information -- Donald Spector

Conjugates, Correlation and Quantum Mechanics -- Alexander Wilce

Information and the origin of complex amplitudes -- William Wootters

Congratulations to all!

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