Anacapa Society nears 100 members!

As of May 20th, 2008, we have 92 members who are theorists at primarily undergraduate institutions! Our members generally fall into one of three categories: faculty members at primarily undergraduate institutions; graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are considering careers at primarily undergraduate institutions; and physicists at other institutions who are supportive of our mission.

Considering becoming a member? Becoming a member costs nothing, but it should benefit both you and the organization. The Anacapa Society seeks to support theoretical physics at undergraduate institutions in a variety of ways:

  • providing information of use to current and prospective PUI faculty
  • providing guidance for those conducting tenure reviews of PUI faculty
  • offering a means for finding colleagues at like institutions with whom to consult
  • serving as a voice for theorists at PUI in the larger arena of physics

As a member, you will be contacted with updates on the Society’s activities. You will also receive e-mails identifying opportunities for theorists at PUI. In addition, as the Anacapa Society completes its first year, you will have a voice in the processes that shape the organization. Having broad participation from PUI theorists will make the organization more effective in its activities.

Our vision for the future is accompanied by a timeline of activities that should keep us on track, and has a mix of goals — some that require minimal resources (e.g., disseminating information via the web) and others that require external funding (e.g., development of a travel grant program or a speaker series).

Becoming a member is simple! Just fill out our registration form.