Anacapa Society Governing Board

At the KITP workshop at which the Anacapa Society, the participants decided to select a governing board to oversee the first year activities of the Society. This decision, like all the decisions reached at the workshop, was made by consensus. The members of the first governing board are:

  • Herb Bernstein (Hampshire)
  • Heidi Fearn (California State – Fullerton/US Air Force Academy)
  • Noah Graham (Middlebury)
  • Stan Haan (Calvin)
  • Courtney Lannert (Smith/UMass Amherst)
  • Seth Major (Hamilton)
  • Hossein Partovi (California State – Sacramento)
  • Arjendu Pattanayak (Carleton)
  • Donald Spector (Hobart & William Smith)

These individuals have agreed to oversee the activites of the Anacapa Society, but the work that must be completed is being divided among a much broader group of members.