Darrell Schroeter named third KITP-Anacapa Scholar, joins Datta and Small

The Anacapa Society is pleased to announce that the Anacapa Society KITP Scholar for 2011 is Darrell Schroeter of Reed College. Dr. Schroeter’s work in promoting physics research in undergraduate institutions, both broadly as well as in his own field of theoretical condensed matter physics, prepares him to aid the nation’s theoretical physics endeavors. He will help connect the worlds of the KITP, theoretical physics research in primarily undergraduate institutions, and the Anacapa Society throughout his tenure as a KITP scholar. Congratulations to Prof. Schroeter.

Prof. Schroeter joins previous winners Prof. Trinanjan Datta (August State University, 2010) and Prof. Alex Small (Cal Poly Pomona, 2009). Like Prof. Schroeter, Prof. Datta is a condensed matter theorist. Prof. Datta is also organizing the upcoming 2013 regional meeting of the Anacapa Society. Prof. Small, the first Anacapa KITP scholar, works in theoretical biophysics (his interests include fluroescence miscroscopy beyond the diffraction limit and the modeling of blood vessels). Prof. Small organized the first regional meeting of the Anacapa Society, held in 2010.